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Plenum Heaters

Electric plenum heaters are designed to sit on top of your fossil fuel furnace converting your furnace to a dual heating system. The electric plenum heater provides primary heat to your home or business. It uses your existing furnace fan to move the heat throughout your home.

How Plenum Heat Works

An electric plenum heater may be used in conjunction with your propane, fuel oil or natural gas furnace to qualify for Southeastern's dual fuel rate. The plenum heater typically sits on top of your fossil fuel furnace and uses your existing furnace fan to move air across the plenum heater elements, which then heats your home. Both your fossil fuel furnace and the electric plenum heater utilize the same thermostat and ductwork. Electric plenum heaters can be installed in conjunction with central air conditioning.

System Types

plenum heater
If you heat with fuel oil, propane or natural gas installing an electric plenum heater is the most popular option for installing electric heat. This results in a Dual Heating system where either electricity or fossil fuel can heat your home. It gives you the flexibility to decide what energy source you want to use. Electric plenum heater comes in a couple of styles. The standard plenum heater turns it self on 100% when ever the thermostat calls for heat. A warm flow plenum heater only turns on the amount of electric heat that is needed at any given time to heat your home. This type of plenum heater works extremely well with an air source heat pump system.

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