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708 - Idle Services


I.          OBJECTIVE

To establish policy concerning the retirement of idle services deemed to be no longer needed by the Cooperative.

II.         CONTENT

A.    Any electric service that has been idle for an extended period of time shall be retired at the discretion of the Cooperative in accordance with the regular work order procedure, subject to the following criteria:

1.The Cooperative deems the service, or apparatus, is no longer needed.


2.The General Manager or Operations Manager has approved such retirement of service.


3.The owner of the property, or last known owner, has been notified by first class mail of the Cooperative's intentions to retire the service and information on reinstallation should service again be requested at the same location.


a.      The provision regarding the removal and reinstallation costs shall not apply if a request for service restoration is received and the ownership of the premises has changed.


The General Manager is responsible for administering this policy and for recommending to the Board any changes deemed desirable.

EFFECTIVE DATE:   July 23, 2009

DATE ADOPTED:     September 20, 2001

DATE REVISED:       July 23, 2009

DATE REVIEWED:   April 18, 2013

ATTESTED: __________________________________

Pat Scheier, Secretary