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Before Reporting an Outage

Before You Report an Outage check the following.

  • Check to see if your neighbors are affected.
  • Check circuit breakers and/or fuse boxes.
  • Report the time of outage.
  • If you've seen any flashes or any unusual noises that may identify the source of the problem. 
  •  Have account number ready, if not, name/address in which the account is listed.


After you have done the above please call Southeastern at 1-800-333-2859.

Thank you for reporting your outage. Even if you think one of your neighbors has already reported the outage, hearing from you helps us determine the scope of the outage and accurately directs crews to the problem. 

We know that any power outage is inconvenient. We apologize for the problems you are experiencing with your service and want to get you up and running as soon as possible. Southeastern does everything it can to avoid interruptions to your electric service. But sometimes, weather,  equipment failures, and animals can make power outages unavoidable.