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Down Power Lines

april storm southeastern electric

Accidentally contacting a power line can be dangerous and in some cases, even deadly.  Southeastern Electric wants to help our members stay safe around power lines.

Always assume a downed wire is energized and therefore dangerous. Touching a live line or anything near it – such as a fence, puddle, car, etc. – can cause electricity to be transmitted through your body. This usually results in serious injury and sometimes death.

If you come across a downed line, leave the area immediately. A live line that has fallen across a car, fence, building or any other object can be dangerous to unsuspecting passersby. You should never touch a person, vehicle, tree or any other object that is in direct contact with a power line.

If a power line has fallen onto a vehicle, stay away and seek help immediately by calling 911. If you are in the vehicle, wait inside the vehicle until help arrives. You are safe from electrical shock as long as you stay inside the vehicle.

If you must leave the vehicle due to fire or other life-threatening reasons, leap clear of the vehicle, landing with both feet together. Don't hold the door while leaping, and once on the ground, hop or shuffle away – do not run.