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Water Heaters

Marathon water heater southeastern electric

Southeastern Electric offers rebates on Marathon water heaters when an existing electric water heater is replaced or in new construction.

These super insulated Marathon water heaters come with a lifetime tank-replacement warranty for original purchaser only,  plus 6 years on parts and labor from date of manufacture.) 

Note: Member must register the water heater's serial # with Rheem Products to qualify for the lifetime warranty on the tank.Rheem Warranty Registration Click here to register water heater.


50 gal. - $700 plus tax

85 gal. - $650 plus tax

105 gal. - $675 plus tax

Replacing Gas Water Heater or New Installation in Natural Gas Territory - $500 plus tax (50 gallon will be $550 plus tax)

Click here for Water Heater dimensions, and use and care instructions.

What makes the Marathon water heater so Great?

Long Life

  • The seamless blow molded polybutylene tank is impervious to rust and corrosion. Multiple layers of filament wound fiberglass give the tank unmatched strength. The tank is designed, built and warranted not to leak "for as long as you own your home."

Energy Efficiency/Environmentally Responsible

  • Envirofoam insulation is free of ozone depleting CFC's and HCFC's so it saves the planet and saves energy.


  • Recessed drain valve is out of the way of brooms and scrubbers. Tough molded outer shell resists dents and scratches. Bowl shaped bottom allows more complete sediment draining.


  • Factory installed temperature and pressure relief valve for greater value and security. Conduit between control boxes facilitates wiring for "Off Peak" use. All plastic tank eliminates the need for an anode rod, preventing potential odor problems.

To qualify for the rebate, members must meet the requirements below:

  • The new water heater must be installed where it will be used daily

  • The new water heater must be installed at a location served by Southeastern Electric

  • The new water heater must be hooked to the load management program.

 Reminder: Member must register the water heater's serial # with Rheem Products to qualify for the lifetime warranty on the tank.

There is a Delivery fee of $40. Water heaters can be picked up at any of our six office locations. If water heater does have to be replaced homeowner is responsible for disposal. If not SEC will charge a $25 disposal fee for old water heater.

Prices are subject to change without prior notice.

Visit the Marathon Water heater website for How to Videos or contact our office at 1-800-333-2859 for more details!