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Energy Assistance

Energy Assistance and Weatherizaton

There is help available to assist you with your heating bills. Through South Dakota Department of Social Services, the Low Income Energy Assistance Program (LIEAP) provides financial assistance to low-income South Dakota households to pay their home heating bills. 

Low Income Energy Assistance
The energy assistance program will help pay for your heating costs. This program may not pay for your entire bill. Energy assistance is based on a first come basis and based on the number of people in your home, total household income for everyone in your home, type and cost of heating where you live. If you qualify, the payment will be made directly to your energy supplier. 

Weatherization Assistance 
The weatherization assistance program is designed to help low income South Dakota households make their homes more energy efficient. This program is also based on household income. You must qualify for the energy assistance program to be eligible for the weatherization program. With this program, funds are limited so you may be placed on a waiting list. Priority is given to the elderly and handicapped individuals and to families with small children. This program is operated by community agencies. 

For More Information and complete qualifications and application information, contact your local county welfare or community/citizen's action coucil listed below:  

Interlakes Community Aciton 605-940-1909
Rural Office of Community Services 605-935-7101
SD Dept Social Services 605-773-3668
Hutchinson County 605-387-4219
Lincoln/Minnehaha County 605-941-5833
McCook County 605-425-2271
Turner County 605-297-3251



South Dakota Department of Social Services

Energy Assistance Program


Weatherization Assistance Program