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Prepay Program

Southeastern Electric Cooperative Inc. 

Prepaid Metering FAQ's

What is prepaid metering?

  • Prepaid metering is a pay as you go electric service. You pay in advance for the electicity you will be using.

How can I check my prepaid balance and make payments? 

  • Online on our website, and clicking Smart Hub.
  • Free app available to IOS and Android devices.
  • Calling any office toll free at 1-800-333-2859.
  • Visiting any office at Sioux Falls, Marion, Viborg, Alcester or Salem.

Are low balance notifications sent? 

  • Yes, once you reach a credit balance of -$25.00 or below you are notified by email, text or phone.

How often do I need to make payments? 

  • That is up to you. Payments may be made daily, weekly or monthly, just so a credit balance is maintained.

 Am I subject to late fees?

  • No

What if I don't receive notification?

  • Your are responsible for notifying SEC of any changes to contact information and for checking your prepaid balance. 

What happens when my credit is $0 or below?

  • Power will be disconnected once your account no longer has a credit.
  • Disconnects will be immediate and with out further notification.
  • Inclement weather does not prevent disconnection.

If I am disconnected how can I get reconnected?

  • Payment will need to be made, and a minimum of a $25.00 credit balance is required before reconnect will occur.

Are there any fees to reconnect if I am diconnected due to non-payment?

  • No reconnect fees are associated with the prepaid program.

Does SEC have a separate rate for Prepaid? 

  • No, the billing rate is the same as the standard rate.

How are prepaid members billed?

  • Prepaid is billed and updated daily at 9:30am
  • You will not receive a monthly billing statement.

What is the cost to start prepaid?

  • $50.00 minimum to start prepaid OR if the member has an outstanding balance going to a prepaid payment arrangement for the amount will be calculated at start date.

What if I receive a payment quarantee for energy assistance? 

  • Payments will be applied once received by SEC. Assistance pledges will not be accepted to keep the service active.

Can I choose to be moved to standard billing at any time?

  • Yes, SEC will require full payment and will require a deposit (based on your credit) as a condition of continued service.

Interested in the Prepay Program? Contact us here or call 1-800-333-2859.  Or you can click here to sign the Prepaid Service Agreement and send into one of our offices.