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Although the vast majority of our member-consumers are very good about making timely payments on their monthly electric bills, there are always some that are late.  And when they’re late, Southeastern employees must take time away from their regular duties to deal with these delinquent accounts.  By implementing collection fees, we try to minimize the negative impact that a few members might have on the membership as a whole and, hopefully, encourage timely payments.


The following collections fees will become effective January 1, 2017:


Collection or Disconnect Fee.................................... $47.50

If payment has not been received, or if arrangements for payment have not been made, by the date indicated on the disconnect notice and Cooperative personnel make a trip to collect or disconnect the service, a $47.50 collection or disconnect charge will be added to the delinquent account to help defray expenses.


Reconnect Fee (during regular business hours)....... $47.50

Reconnect Fee (after regular business hours)........ $165.00

Before a service is reconnected during normal working hours, the consumer shall pay a charge of $47.50 plus any other applicable charges or fees.  If the consumer requests that service be reconnected after normal working hours, the charge shall be $165.00 plus any other applicable charges or fees.


Returned Check or ACH Transaction Fee................ $40.00

In the event payment of electric energy bills are made by check or ACH transaction and payment is refused by the bank on which they were drawn.