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Southeastern Electric Cooperative Held Drive-Through Annual Membership Meeting.


On June 10, 2021, one of the hottest days of the summer, Southeastern Electric Cooperative held its first ever drive-through annual meeting in lieu of the traditional in-person meeting format. The board and management decided to hold a drive-through annual meeting in response to the Covid-19 concerns. “A drive-through format will help protect our employees and members from possible COVID-19 exposure”. Stated Board President Don Heeren, in regard to why a drive-through meeting was held. Members were able to attend a location nearest to them since a drive-through was held at the Sioux Falls, Salem, and Parkston facilities, simultaneously. A total of 374 members registered during the event, which seemed to be a very good turnout for the very first drive-through format and something no one had any idea of what to expect. “I was very pleased with how well everything went and the member turnout that we had”. replied, General Manager Brad Schardin.

As members pulled up with their vehicles they were registered, handed a door prize and a voting ballot. After receiving their ballot and filling it out, they would pull forward to the ballot drop-off area where an election committee member would retrieve the ballot.

After the meetings, all votes were tallied. Attorney Allan Peterson determined that in the election between Ronald Anderson and Gary Evjen, Ronald Anderson won the election and will represent District 7 for a three-year term. Don Heeren, District 3, Chris Hofer, District 4, Johnathan Wildeboer, District 6 and Daryl Terveen, District 9 all ran unopposed and were re-elected for another three-year term.

Drawings were held the next day for the six (6) $500 grand prize credits. The lucky members were, Dale R Renner of Canton, Robert A Decker of Sioux Falls, Elaine H Pedersen of Viborg, Alan A Hoff of Tripp, Gerald Mayrose of Salem and Donald Benson of Hurley.

The board of directors of Southeastern Electric would like to thank everyone who attended this year’s drive-through annual meeting.

CLICK HERE to watch the Annual Video Report