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Feb 06, 2020


From Board President Don Heeren

Based on the authority granted to the Board of Directors in the Bylaws and as part of our fiduciary duty to ensure equitable board representation from the membership, we have taken action to reconstitute the director voting districts.  This decision also coincides with the upcoming retirement of three directors from the board (Les Mehlhaff, Richard Olsen and Pat Scheier) when their terms expire in June 2020.  In reconstituting the director voting districts, the board also acted to reduce the number of director districts from ten to nine.  

Director Voting District No. 1 will be up for election in June 2020 with no incumbent. District No. 1 shall consist of Wall Lake, Wayne, Sioux Falls and Splitrock Townships in Minnehaha County, South Dakota.

Director Voting District No. 2 will represented by Robert Wollmann.

Director Voting District No. 3 will be represented by Don Heeren.

Director Voting District No. 4 will be represented by Chris Hofer and up for election in June 2020. District No. 4 shall consist of Delapre West Township in Lincoln County, South Dakota.

Director Voting District No. 5 will be represented by John Ostraat.

Director Voting District No. 6 will be represented by Johnathan Wildeboer.

Director Voting District No. 7 will be up for election in June 2020 with no incumbent.  District No. 7 shall consist of Delapre East and Springdale West Townships in Lincoln County, South Dakota

Director Voting District No. 8 will be represented by Steve Holmberg.

Director Voting District No. 9 will be represented by Daryl Terveen.

At the June 4, 2020 Annual Membership Meeting in Lennox, members will elect directors to represent Districts 1, 4 and 7.  Members in Districts 1, 4 and 7 who are interested in running for a board position must circulate a nominating petition and collect at least 15 signatures from members in their voting district.  Petitions are available from Southeastern beginning February 4, 2020 and must be returned no later than Monday, April 20, 2020.

For more information, please contact Southeastern.

Click here to see new District Map