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Associated Cooperative Organizations

Basin Electric Cooperative Southeastern Electric


Basin Electric Power Cooperative

Headquartered in Bismarck, ND, Basin Electric supplies 65% of your electricity. Basin coal-fired plants rank among the nation's cleanest and lowest cost coal plants.

Federal Hydropower Southeastern Electric

Federal Hydropower

Six federal hydro-electric plants on the Missouri River provide 22% of your electricity. The Western Area Power Administration markets this renewable energy.

Wind Energy

Wind Energy Southeastern Electric

13% of your electricity comes from wind-powered generators from the Chamberlain, Crow Lake, Day County, and Hyde County, wind farms. They provide enough energy to power 25,000 homes. Southeastern members are part of this "GREEN" project.


southeastern electric

East River Electric Power Cooperative

Headquartered in Madison, SD, East River delivers wholesale power to 25 member systems, including Southeastern, through a 2,500 mile transmission system.


Distribution Southeastern Electric

Southeastern Electric

Southeastern delivers retail electricity to over 20,000 members with 4,092 miles of power line. Southeastern Electric's 55 employees promise to deliver reliable, high quality electricity along with prompt, friendly service to you - our members and owners.