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Meet the Board of Directors

As a Member of Southeastern, you have control of decisions that are made at your cooperative through your board of directors. The Board meets monthly to review the operations of your Cooperative.  Southeastern's directors are elected by the members at the annual meeting held each year in June.

Board of Directors, General Manager and Attorney

L-R: Back Row: Alan Peterson, Attorney; John Ostraat, Don Heeren, President; Johnathon Wildeboer, Secretary; and Brad Schardin, General Manager; Middle Row: Pat Scheier, Bob Wollmann, Leslie Mehlhaff, and Daryl Terveen, Treasurer; Front Row: Richard Olsen, Steve Holmberg, Vice President; and Chris Hofer.

Don Heeren
Steve Holmberg
Johnathon Wildeboer
Daryl Terveen
Ronald Anderson
John Ostraat
Chris Hofer
Bob Wollmann