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Member Benefits

Being a customer of Southeastern Electric Cooperative,  also makes you a voting member.  As a member of a cooperative, you get to enjoy the benefits of membership:

  • reliable, cost-based electric service; we do not seek to make a profit
  • access to energy-related information, products and services
  • capital credits, a share in the cooperative’s margins (surplus revenues)
  • attending and voting at the Southeastern Annual Meeting
  • representation by a ten-member Board of Directors
  • member bus tours to electric generation and transmission facilities
  • youth scholarships and tours to Washington, D.C.

Southeastern provides retail electricity and energy-related products and services to over 15,000 members, serving rural and urban areas in southeastern South Dakota. This membership includes approximately 3,200 members in southeastern and southwestern Sioux Falls. Our members range in size from residences and family farms to hospitals and ethanol plants.

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