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603 - Levelized Billing


I.          OBJECTIVE


To establish policy that provides an option for the member-consumer to avoid large fluctuations in their monthly payments for energy.


II.         CONTENT


A. Member-consumers requesting a levelized billing method, as opposed to the normal billing method, shall execute a levelized billing agreement with the Cooperative.


1.   Eligibility for the levelized billing option shall be based solely on the member-consumer's credit.  Member-consumers with satisfactory credit may begin to participate in the plan anytime during the course of a year except in the case of new services of which there is no history to base the levelized billing payment amount on.  In these cases, the member-consumer will be required to wait for a period of one-year before they may enroll in the plan.  Member-consumers with unsatisfactory credit will not be eligible to participate in the program unless they agree to have their payment automatically withdrawn from their checking account.  See the Cooperative’s Security Deposits policy for the definition of satisfactory credit.


2.   The agreement shall specify the method used by the Cooperative in determining the member-consumer's monthly levelized payment amount, when the levelized billing plan becomes effective and when it terminates.


3.   Monthly levelized billing amounts shall be subject to review and adjustment by the Cooperative on a periodic basis.  The intent of the plan is for the member-consumer to pay a levelized amount each month in consideration of the member-consumers electric energy bill.  This amount shall be based on one-twelfth (1/12) of the previous twelve months kWh usage plus any anticipated increases due to additional usage or changes in rates.  If payment is made after the due date, the late payment fee will be added to the levelized amount due.


B. Participants in the levelized billing plan shall be subject to any and all collection charges established by the Cooperative with the exception that the participant shall not be considered delinquent if they remain current with their monthly levelized billing payments.


C. A "Levelized Billing Agreement" shall be prepared by the Cooperative to assist in the implementation of this policy.




The General Manager is responsible for administering this policy and for recommending to the Board any changes deemed necessary.


EFFECTIVE DATE:   August 22, 2019


DATE ADOPTED:     March 28, 2000

DATE REVISED:       September 18, 2003

DATE REVIEWED:   November 19, 2008

DATE REVIEWED:   November 21, 2012

DATE REVISED:       December 18, 2014

DATE REVIEWED:   December 22, 2016

DATE REVISED:       August 22, 2019


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Chris Hofer, Secretary