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615 - Prepaid Service Program





To establish policy and guidelines for the Cooperative’s prepaid service option that will allow residential members to prepay their electric usage, view their daily usage online and receive notifications about the status of their accounts prepaid balance by telephone, text message and/or email.




A. The prepaid service program is entirely optional. A prepaid service agreement shall be completed by the member for each account utilizing this program.


B. Enrollment into the prepaid service program is only available to a service that supports the remote disconnect equipment and, therefore, the prepaid service option is not available at all service locations.


C. Participation in the prepaid service program eliminates the requirement for security deposits.


D. Members participating in the prepaid service program will not receive a paper monthly bill.


E. Prepaid service payment options.


1. Call 1-855-730-8708 (for PCI compliance) to make credit card payments; 24/7 access.


2. Cash or Money Order mailed to: Southeastern Electric Cooperative, 47077 276th Street, Lennox, SD 57039. Southeastern is not responsible for timeliness of mail delivery.


3. Cash or Money Order delivered in person during our normal business hours or deposited in payment drop box at any of our office locations.


4. Payments under the prepaid service program may be made with cash or debit/credit cards only. No checks will be accepted.


F. Minimum prepayment amount is $25.00.


G. Prepaid notification threshold will be established at $15.00. Members may select a different amount either on-line or by contacting a Southeastern customer service representative.



H. Existing members who wish to switch from traditional billing to prepaid service must start with a $25.00 credit balance to be applied to future energy use. A bill will be calculated based on the current reading. Any security deposits held on the account will be deducted from the new balance and any credit will be applied toward their prepaid service account.


I. Members may request a payment plan on their account balance when switching from traditional billing to prepaid service. If approved, the payment plan will require a 50/50 split between the existing balance and the prepaid service balance. A $25.00 credit will need to be paid along with at least $25.00 applied on the old balance. After this initial set up, each time the member pays on their prepaid service account, 50% will be applied to their prepaid service balance and 50% will be applied on the old balance until it is paid-in-full.


J. Prepaid service accounts are billed in accordance with applicable retail rate schedules and are subject to the provisions contained in Southeastern’s tariffs, bylaws and general rules and regulations. However, the applicable retail rate schedule may be modified for members electing the prepaid service program to accommodate a flat energy charge with any difference in energy charges added to the facility charge.


K. Members participating in prepaid service may monitor the status of their account through on-line access of the SmartHub. Notices of account activity and disconnection may be delivered by phone, text and/or email. The delivery method is selected by the members and the member is responsible for keeping the delivery method current.


L. Prepaid service accounts are not eligible for payment arrangements, budget billing or bank draft.


M. When a prepaid service account balance reaches $0.00, service is subject to immediate disconnection Monday through Friday starting at 11:30 AM. Reconnection will only occur after a payment equal to any unpaid balance plus a $25.00 minimum credit is made. When a prepaid service account is disconnected, service charges (facility charges, security light charges, etc.) continue to accumulate and are deducted from the next payment. Disconnection for non-payment does not release the member from the obligation to pay ongoing charges and costs.


N. In lieu of a written notice of disconnection, Southeastern will provide participants with a notice by telephone call, text message or email to alert them when the account balance is at or below their established threshold. It is the member’s sole responsibility to provide Southeastern with current and correct contact information for these notices. It is not Southeastern’s responsibility to verify that the notice was delivered; nor will Southeastern refrain from disconnecting service if the notice is not received due to insufficient or incorrect information.


O. Medical conditions and/or inclement weather do not postpone disconnections, however, Southeastern will not disconnect on weekends or holidays. Southeastern is not responsible for damages to electric or electronic items in use at a service location at the time of an automatic disconnection or reconnection of service.


P. Prepaid service accounts disconnected for ten (10) days or more will be closed. Such accounts will be final billed in accordance with current policies.


Q. Pledges from the Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP) or a charitable organization shall be treated as payment and service will be reconnected if the amount covers the outstanding balance plus a minimum of $25.00 to be credited to the account.


R. Members may revert back to traditional billing if all requirements of the applicable retail rate schedule are met including full payment of a security deposit plus any past due amounts and associated fees.


S. A miscellaneous amount appears on the accounts once a month to reconcile the account to the traditional billing system. The amount may be a credit or charge depending on the balance of the account upon completion of the traditional billing process.




A. The General Manager’s designee is responsible for day-to-day administration of this policy. The General Manager is responsible for the overall administration of this policy.


B. The Board of Directors is responsible for the review, consideration and approval of all board policies as recommended by the General Manager.


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Chris Hofer, Secretary