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701 - General Service


I.          OBJECTIVE


To establish the general rules and regulations for electric service applicable to all member-consumers of the Cooperative.


II.         CONTENT




1.These rules and regulations set forth the terms and conditions under which electric service will be provided by the Cooperative.  They shall apply to all classes of service and shall govern the terms of all agreements for such service except that the Cooperative reserves the right to enter into special contracts.  Failure of the Cooperative to enforce any of the terms of these rules and regulations shall not be deemed as a waiver of the right to do so.


2.Any promises or agreements made by agents or employees of the Cooperative which are not in conformance with these rules and regulations, nor with the terms of special contracts executed by authorized representatives of the Cooperative shall not have a binding effect on the Cooperative.


3.No ownership rights in any facilities provided by the Cooperative shall pass to any person as a result of any contributions or deposit made under these rules.  No deposit or contributions made by member-consumers shall be refundable unless expressly so provided in these rules.


4.Copies of the Cooperative's rules and regulations and rate schedules for electric services are open to public inspection at the Cooperative's office and are available upon request.


B.All applicants for electric service shall sign the Cooperative's "Application for Membership and Electric Service", and service shall be granted in accordance with the Cooperative's rules and regulations and rate schedules.


C.The Cooperative shall extend electric service to member-consumers providing the wiring on their premises meets the laws, rules, and regulations contained in the most recent National Electric Code and Wiring Bulletin published by the South Dakota State Electrical Board and any approved amendments thereto and providing all other requirements of the State Board have been complied with or in the City of Sioux Falls their inspections or ordinances have been complied with.


D.Any requirements regarding membership, fees, deposits, contracts or contributions-in-aid-of-construction shall be satisfied before construction or reconnection of electric service is completed.  In addition, the Cooperative must receive copies of the South Dakota Wiring Certificate form and verify that the owner and/or electrician has posted the correct wiring certificate form near the service entrance disconnect switch and other copies of the wiring certificate have been distributed as instructed.


E.Ownership and Responsibility


1.Cooperative Owned Facilities


a.The Cooperative will install, own, operate and maintain all distribution facilities on the supply side of the meter.  The point of connection or attachment by the member shall be the load side of the meter socket or the disconnect switch, unless otherwise specified by the Cooperative.  All service entrance conductor wiring from a point of connection to the Cooperative's service line at a location satisfactory to the Cooperative shall be the responsibility of the member.  If building modifications hinder access to metering facilities, create a hazardous condition, or cause a violation of code, the member-consumer will be responsible for all costs incurred by the Cooperative to correct these conditions.


(1)Where requested by the member-consumer, the Cooperative shall install, own, operate and maintain load control receivers on the member-consumer's side of the meter in conjunction with the load management program.


b.Access to Premises.  The member-consumer shall provide at no expense to the Cooperative suitable space with provisions for installation, inspection and maintenance of the Cooperative's facilities on the member-consumer's premises.  Failure to provide access may result in termination of service.


c.Use of Facilities.  The Cooperative will not allow use of its poles or other facilities by others for installations or attachments of any kind without written authorization from the Cooperative.  This includes, but is not limited to, electrical or communication equipment, lights and signs.  An exception will be made for fence wires, attached within four feet of ground level, to primary distribution poles located on private right-of-way.  The Cooperative assumes no responsibility for property owned by others attached to its facilities.  The Cooperative may remove unauthorized attachments to Cooperative facilities.


d.Protection.  The member-consumer shall use reasonable diligence to protect the Cooperative's facilities located on the member-consumer's premises, and to prevent tampering or interference with such facilities.  The Cooperative may discontinue service in accordance with these rules in cases where the meter and/or wiring on the member-consumer's premises have been tampered with or energy is unmetered.  In case of such unauthorized use of service, the Cooperative shall continue service only after the member-consumer has paid or signed an agreement to pay for the unmetered energy used, paid all costs of discovery and investigation, and made provisions and paid charges for any metering changes as may be required by the Cooperative.  Failure to enter into such an agreement shall be cause to discontinue service.  Restoration of service will be made upon receipt or reasonable assurance of the member-consumer's compliance with the Cooperative's rules and regulations.


2.Member-Consumer Owned Facilities


a.The Cooperative reserves the right to deny or terminate service to any member-consumer whose wiring or equipment shall constitute a hazard to the Cooperative's equipment or its service to others.  However, it disclaims any responsibility to inspect the member-consumer's wiring, equipment or any subsequent wiring changes or modifications and shall not be held liable for any injury or damage resulting from the condition thereof.


b.The member-consumer shall be responsible for the adequate performance of the member-consumer owned facilities.  Before purchasing equipment or installing wiring, it shall be the member-consumer's responsibility to check with the Cooperative as to the characteristics of the service available.  The Cooperative reserves the right to make reasonable service charges for work performed by Cooperative personnel from malfunction of the member-consumer's facilities.


c.The Cooperative may give member-consumers advice on wiring problems and inspect their wiring upon request.  Such member-consumers shall be given a written explanation outlining any such advice given relative to the member-consumer’s wiring and/or recommended corrections to be made to the member-consumer’s electrical facilities resulting from such inspection.  No charge shall be made for such inspection.


d.The member-consumer shall not allow harmonic distortion to exceed a level that will adversely affect the reliable distribution of electric energy of the Cooperative or any of the Cooperative’s systems or its devices.  Harmonic distortion will be determined at the Point of Common Coupling (PCC).  The latest revision of IEEE Standard 519 will be used as a guide for allowable limits of harmonic distortion.  If harmonic distortion exceeds acceptable levels, the member-consumer shall mitigate the problem immediately by use of filters, reactors or other recommendations of the manufacturer of the harmonic producing equipment.  The Cooperative will assist the member-consumer measure the levels of harmonic distortion and determine a solution.


F.Nature and Quality of Service


1.The Cooperative shall endeavor to, but does not guarantee to, furnish a continuous supply of electric energy and to maintain voltage and frequency within reasonable limits.


2.The Cooperative shall not be liable for interruptions in service, phase failure or reversal, or variations in the service characteristics, or any loss or damage of any kind or character occasioned thereby, due to causes or conditions beyond the Cooperative's control, and such causes or conditions shall be deemed to specifically include, but not be limited to the following; operation of safety devices except when such operation is caused by negligence of the Cooperative, absence of an alternate supply of service; failure, malfunction, necessary repairs or inspection of machinery, facilities or equipment; act of God, war, action of the elements; storm or flood; fire; riot; or civil disturbances; or the exercise of authority or regulation by governmental or military authorities.


3.The member-consumer shall be responsible for giving immediate notice to the Cooperative of interruptions or variations in electric service so that appropriate corrective action can be taken.  The Cooperative reserves the right without previously notifying the member-consumer to temporarily interrupt service for construction, repairs, emergency operations, shortages in power supply, safety, and state or national emergencies and shall be under no liability with respect to any such interruption, curtailment or suspension.


a.If the Cooperative has been properly notified of individuals at specific locations with special needs or medical conditions which necessitate electric service, every effort shall be made to contact these individuals prior to a planned outage.  Individuals with such requirements shall be advised to install standby and/or supplemental onsite generation.


G.Use of Service


1.Each member-consumer shall, as soon as electric energy shall be available, purchase from the Cooperative all electric energy, unless a member shall qualify and engage in co-generation and/or small power production, used on the premises referred to in application of such members for membership, and shall pay therefore at rates which shall from time to time be fixed by the Board of Directors.  Standby and/or supplemental onsite generation may be utilized only if the installation of the unit has been inspected by the State Electrical Commission or a duly authorized representative of the Cooperative and all such plants shall be equipped with a double pole, double throw switch and proper metering equipment.


2.Notice of Intent


a.Application.  Prior to use of electric service, each member-consumer shall make proper application to the Cooperative, and shall furnish all reasonable information required by the Cooperative.  Failure to comply with this requirement may result in refusal by the Cooperative to provide service.  Any member-consumer using service without first notifying and enabling the Cooperative to establish a beginning meter reading may be held responsible for any amounts due for service supplied to the premises from time of last reading reported immediately preceding the member-consumer's occupancy.


b.Termination.  Any member-consumer desiring termination of service shall so notify the Cooperative in advance so the service may be discontinued on a mutually agreeable date.  Member-consumer's failing to give proper notice of intent to vacate the premises may be held responsible for use of service until a meter reading acceptable to the Cooperative is obtained and the service has been disconnected.


3.Conditions of Use


a.The member-consumer shall not use the service in any way that causes a safety hazard, endangers the Cooperative's facilities, or disturbs service to other member-consumers.  The member-consumer shall not use the service for any type of use other than those specified or implied under the rate schedules of the Cooperative.  Failure to comply with this provision may result in discontinuance of the member-consumer's service.


b.Member-consumers shall install only such motors or other apparatus or appliances as are suitable for operation with the character of the service supplied by the Cooperative, and electric energy must not be used in such manner as to cause detrimental voltage fluctuations or disturbances in the Cooperative's distribution system.


c.The member-consumer shall be responsible for notifying the Cooperative of any additions to or changes in their equipment, which might exceed the capacity of the Cooperative's facilities, or otherwise affect the quality of service.


d.The member-consumer shall install and maintain the necessary devices to protect the member-consumer's equipment against service interruptions and other disturbances on the Cooperative's system.  Characteristics and installation of all such equipment or devices shall meet the approval of the Cooperative.


(1)Nonstandard Service.  Member-consumers shall be liable for the cost of any special installation necessary to meet particular requirements for service at other than standard practices.


e.Resale of Electric Energy.  Unless provided for under the terms of the Cooperative's rate schedules, member-consumers shall not resell to others any electric service furnished by the Cooperative.  Where resale of electric service exists, the Cooperative will be under no obligation to furnish or maintain meters or other facilities for the resale of service by reselling member-consumer to the ultimate user.


f.Point of Attachment


(1)The Cooperative will install service connections from its distribution lines to a suitable point of attachment on the member-consumer's premises designated by the Cooperative and as noted in Section E.1.a. above.  Where the member-consumer requires a point of attachment other than that specified, the member-consumer may be required to stand the cost of additional facilities necessary to reach the point of attachment.


(2)Service will be provided to a meter pole, or other appropriate facilities, where more than one structure is to be supplied from a single meter.  The maximum size main entrance switch to be furnished by the Cooperative for single-phase service shall not exceed 600-amps.


(a)Should it become necessary, for any cause beyond the Cooperative's control, to change the location of the point of attachment, the cost of any changes in the member-consumer's wiring made necessary thereby shall be borne by the member-consumer.


g.Insulation Requirement for Electric Heating.  Any member-consumer contemplating installing electric heat as the primary heat source in their home should install insulation to meet the minimum "R" values necessary to provide for efficient use of service.


H.Metering and Metering Equipment


1.The member-consumer shall permit only authorized agents of the Cooperative or other persons lawfully authorized to do so, to inspect, test or remove the meters.  If the meters or metering equipment are damaged or destroyed through the neglect of the member-consumer, the cost of necessary repairs or replacements may be required of the member-consumer.


a.Meter Testing.  Qualified personnel will do all testing of metering equipment.  The Cooperative may at its option, either conduct field tests on the member-consumer's premises, or remove metering equipment for shop testing.


(1)Routine Tests.  The Cooperative will, through test procedures, endeavor to maintain its metering equipment within accurate limits.  The Cooperative shall test its devices based on routine testing schedules established by the Cooperative.


(2)Test Requested by Member-Consumers.  Requests to have individual meters tested will be referred to the Cooperative's Metering Department.  The meter tests shall be provided as set forth in Cooperative policy.


2.All dwellings, including permanent type mobile homes, shall be separately metered.


a.Apartments and similar multiple dwelling services may be metered with one master meter and numerous sub-meters.


b.Member-consumers with rental property that wish to split the usage at a service location between the owner and the renter may request a second meter be installed at their expense.  All charges applicable to a new service apply plus the minimum charge for installing a second meter shall be equivalent to two hours of labor and overhead charges.


c.Two residences at one location require two metered services.


3.Location of Meters.  Meters for all services should be installed outdoors and readily accessible to Cooperative personnel.  An authorized representative of the Cooperative will determine the acceptability of the meter location in all cases.


4.Meter Readings.  The Cooperative will provide for readings of meters on a monthly basis.  All meter reading schedules will be determined by the Cooperative.


5.Meter Failures.  Upon the discovery of a service that has been under or overcharged due to failure of the metering equipment, the Cooperative shall notify the member-consumer and issue a bill or refund for the amount of the error.  In determining the amount of the error, the Cooperative may consider the criteria, such as the following, on a case-by-case basis.


a.Effect of weather patterns on energy use.


b.Number of days in each billing period.


c.Historical data for the service location.


d.Cooperative read meter readings.


e.Retail rate in effect at the time of the error.


f.Any other pertinent facts.


I.Continuity of Service


1.The Cooperative shall use reasonable diligence to provide a constant and uninterrupted supply of electric power and energy, but if such supply shall fail or be interrupted or become defective through an act of God, or the public enemy, or by accident, strikes, labor troubles, the inability to secure rights-of-way or other needed permits, or any cause beyond reasonable control of the Cooperative, the Cooperative shall not be liable therefore.


2.For the purposes of making repairs to or changes in the Cooperative's plant, distribution system or other property, the Cooperative may, without incurring any liability, suspend service for such period as may be required.  The Cooperative shall not inconvenience the member-consumer unnecessarily and whenever possible shall give reasonable notice to the member-consumer prior to such suspension of service.


3.Interruptions of service, however, shall not relieve the member-consumer from any charges for service actually supplied, nor relieve the member-consumer of payment of minimum charges specified in the applicable rate or contract.


J.Standard Voltage, Frequency and Permissible Variations


1.The Cooperative's standard nominal voltages for its secondary voltage distribution systems are 120 volts, single phase, two-wire; 120/240, single phase, three wire; 240 volt or 480 volt, three phase, three-wire delta; 120/240 or 240/480 volt, three phase, four-wire delta connected; and 120/208 or 277/480 volt, three phase, four-wire wye connected.


2.Every reasonable effort shall be made by the use of proper equipment and operation to maintain such voltage practically constant at all times.  The voltage maintained at the Cooperative's main service terminal (the point at which the Cooperative's service connections terminate) as installed for individual consumers or groups of consumers shall be reasonably constant.


3.Variations in voltage in excess of those specified caused by the operation of power apparatus on the member-consumer's premises, which necessarily requires large starting currents, by the action of the elements, by infrequent and unavoidable fluctuations of short duration due to necessary station or line operations, shall not be considered a violation to this rule.




The General Manager is responsible for administering this policy and for recommending to the Board any changes deemed desirable.


EFFECTIVE DATE:   July 31, 2014


DATE ADOPTED:     September 20, 2001

DATE REVISED:       October 30, 2008

DATE REVIEWED:   February 28, 2013

DATE REVISED:       March 21, 2013

DATE REVISED:       July 31, 2014


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