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703 - Reconfiguration of Existing Facilities


I.          OBJECTIVE


To establish rules governing the upgrade, modification or reconfiguration of existing electric facilities.


II.         CONTENT


A.    When requested, the Cooperative shall make changes in the configuration of existing facilities (examples may be modifications from overhead to underground, single-phase to three-phase installations or relocation of secondary wires) under any of the following conditions:


1.If the reconfiguration will result in no improvement in the Cooperative’s facilities, a contribution-in-aid-of-construction equal to the total additional investment shall be required.


2.The modification is needed to permit the member-consumer to expand their use of electric power, and the Cooperative receives a contribution-in-aid-of-construction that limits the Cooperative’s new incremental investment to a level that can be justified by increased revenues from the expanded electrical use.


3.The reconfiguration shall result in a substantial and needed improvement in the Cooperative’s facilities.


4.If the reconfiguration will result in improvement in the Cooperative’s facilities, but one that is not necessarily needed at the time requested, a partial contribution-in-aid-of-construction may be required by the Cooperative.


B.    An electric service may be upgraded, modified or reconfigured at the discretion of the Cooperative at no cost to the member-consumers to eliminate a safety hazard created by the Cooperative or to match service line capacity with load requirements.


C.    The member-consumer may be assessed the cost of upgrading, modifying or reconfiguring an electric service when one or more of the following apply.


1.     The member-consumer request service changes when existing service conditions and capacity meet service needs.


2.     The member-consumer requests the installation of underground service where existing facilities meet service requirements or underground services are not in the Cooperative's work plan.


3.     The member-consumer requests the installation of an additional service meter loop to meet personal needs for separate service billings.


a.A contribution-in-aid-of-construction shall be required for such service changes in an amount sufficient to cover the total cost of the service change less an estimated salvage value of the service meter loop.




The General Manager is responsible for administering this policy and for recommending to the Board any changes deemed desirable.


EFFECTIVE DATE:   February 22, 2017


DATE ADOPTED:     September 20, 2001

DATE REVIEWED:   June 25, 2009

DATE REVIEWED:   February 28, 2013

DATE REVISED:       August 21, 2014

DATE REVISED:       February 22, 2017


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Chris Hofer, Secretary