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705 - Relocation of Existing Facilities


I.          OBJECTIVE


To establish rules governing alteration, relocation or removal of the Cooperative's existing electric facilities for private and public convenience or necessity.


II.         CONTENT


A.    Requests for alteration or relocation of the Cooperative's facilities for road work, house moves, joint use or other similar reasons shall be made sufficiently in advance to enable the Cooperative to properly schedule the requested alteration or relocation.


1.     The Cooperative shall cooperate with all political subdivisions in the construction and improvement of roads and highways.  The political subdivision shall formally request the relocation or alteration of the Cooperative's facilities.


a.If the Cooperative's facilities are located within the confines of the public right-of-way, the Cooperative shall make the necessary relocation at its own expense.


b.If the Cooperative's facilities are located on private right-of-way, the political subdivision shall agree to reimburse the Cooperative for the applicable portion of the costs involved in relocating or altering its facilities.


c.When road or highway construction or improvement is completed which necessitates relocation or altering the Cooperative's facilities, the political subdivision creating such necessity shall be billed for the applicable portion of the costs incurred by the Cooperative in relocating or altering its facilities.  When the applicable portion of the costs to be billed creates any undue financial burden on the political subdivision, in-kind contributions may be taken into consideration by Cooperative management.


2.     When the Cooperative is requested to relocate its facilities for reasons other than highway construction or improvement, the person, firm or organization requiring or creating the need for relocation of the facilities shall guarantee payment for the work to be performed by making a cash deposit of the estimated charges in advance.


B.    Meters and other facilities of the Cooperative shall not be removed or relocated by anyone except Cooperative personnel, except in the case of emergencies.  If, due to an emergency, the member-consumer removes a meter or other facilities of the Cooperative, the member-consumer shall immediately notify the Cooperative.




The General Manager is responsible for administering this policy and for recommending to the Board any changes deemed necessary.


EFFECTIVE DATE:   August 21, 2014


DATE ADOPTED:     September 20, 2001

DATE REVISED:       June 25, 2009

DATE REVIEWED:   March 21, 2013

DATE REVISED:       August 21, 2014


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Chris Hofer, Secretary