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706 - Electric Service Contracts


I.          OBJECTIVE


To provide for written contracts and special rules relating to agreements between the Cooperative and the member-consumer requesting electric service for large loads, services requiring above normal line extensions or investments by the Cooperative.


II.         CONTENT


A.In either of the following circumstances, contracts for electric service shall be in writing, approved by the Cooperative and executed by the member-consumer prior to the construction of a new service or the extension of existing facilities to serve the new load.


1.Electric services with a contracted minimum demand of two thousand (2,000) kilowatts or more as established by SDCL 49-34A-56.


2.As determined by management, based on the Cooperative’s evaluation of the specific service requirements, investments and Policy 702, “Construction and Extension of Electric Service” requirements.


B.The Board of Directors shall review and approve any contracts described in A.1 or A.2 above, prior to execution.


1.   The policies, rules and regulations of the Cooperative shall not apply to contracts set forth in A.1 and A.2 to the extent that their terms conflict with the terms of such contracts.




The General Manager is responsible for administering this policy and for recommending to the Board any changes deemed desirable.


EFFECTIVE DATE:   September 26, 2006


DATE ADOPTED:     September 20, 2001

DATE REVISED:       September 26, 2006

DATE REVIEWED:   June 25, 2009

DATE REVIEWED:   March 21, 2013


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Pat Scheier, Secretary