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708 - Idle Services


I.          OBJECTIVE


To establish policy concerning the retention or retirement of idle services deemed to be no longer needed by the Cooperative.


II.         CONTENT


A.    Line Retention Fee.


  1. Upon request for a new service, the Cooperative will make every effort to complete the installation in a timely manner.  Once a new service has been constructed and is ready for the Cooperative to energize and the member-consumer/contractor is not ready for the service to be energized or asks the Cooperative to postpone the installation of the metering equipment required to energize the service, a line retention fee shall be assessed until the member-consumer/contractor indicates that the service is ready to be energized.


  1. The line retention fee shall be the monthly facility charge of the applicable retail rate schedule.  The initial line retention fee may be prorated by the Cooperative for any partial billing period.


  1. Any delinquent line retention fees at the time the member-consumer/contractor indicates that the service is ready to be energized must be paid before the Cooperative will energize the service.


B.    Idle Services.


1.Any electric service that has been idle for more than one (1) year may be retired at the discretion of the Cooperative in accordance with the regular work order procedure.


2.If the member or land owner request that the idle service be retained, a monthly line retention fee shall be required.  The fee shall coincide with the facility charge specified in the applicable rate schedule as determined by the Cooperative.


3.If the electric facilities are retired, the Cooperative’s line extension policy shall apply for any future requests for electric service at the same location.


4.If an idle service has not been retired and an applicant requests that the service be energized, the applicant shall pay any outstanding line retention fees.




The General Manager is responsible for administering this policy and for recommending to the Board any changes deemed desirable.


EFFECTIVE DATE:   March 23, 2017


DATE ADOPTED:     September 20, 2001

DATE REVISED:       July 23, 2009

DATE REVIEWED:   April 18, 2013

DATE REVISED:       March 23, 2017


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Chris Hofer, Secretary