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711 - Interconnection of & Energy Purpose


I.          OBJECTIVE


To establish the conditions and requirements that must be satisfied to facilitate the interconnection of and energy purchases from member-owned distributed generation of not more than 10 megavolt amperes (MVA) located on the Cooperative’s electric distribution system under the small renewable energy purchase rate.


II.         CONTENT


A.The Cooperative shall make readily available to the public standard interconnection of distributed generation facilities application documents, application procedures, application fees and agreements.  All costs to be recovered from the application process shall be readily explained to the member/applicant and authorized by the member/applicant prior to the Cooperative incurring these costs.


B.The distributed generation facility must be owned by the member/applicant, be directly connected to the Cooperative’s distribution system, and be within the SPP-UMZ.


C.Energy shall be purchased by the Cooperative under the small renewable energy purchase rate based on the PURPA avoided cost rate.


D.Only energy delivered to the Cooperative’s distribution system shall qualify for payment.  Energy generated and used on the member’s site shall be excluded from payment.


E.The Cooperative shall submit, on behalf of the member/applicant, an application for each distributed generation facility.


F.The member/owner/operator shall be responsible for all interconnection, metering, and other costs associated with connecting the distributed generation facility to the Cooperative’s electric distribution system in order to meet all applicable conditions and requirements.


G.Metering requirements include the following:


  1. Appropriate metering shall be required to properly measure all energy purchased by the Cooperative from distributed generation facilities.  The metering shall separately register and measure all energy delivered to the grid from the distributed generation facilities (net of the member’s use) and all energy delivered from the Cooperative to the member/owner/operator.  Net metering is not allowed.


  1. In the event the member/owner/operator is currently utilizing a special incentive rate for heating/cooling needs and has a separate meter installed to record that usage, the Cooperative will remove the member from the special incentive rate due to the inability of the Cooperative to accurately meter their heating/cooling use in conjunction with the special metering of energy delivered to the grid.  The only option available to the member/owner/operator in order to maintain a special incentive rate for heating/cooling needs is to install, at the member’s cost, a separate electric service isolated from the distributed generation facilities.


H.The member/owner/operator of the distributed generation facility shall hold Basin, East River and the Cooperative harmless from any liability arising from the operation of the distributed generation facility.


I.The application of the small renewable energy purchase rate and purchase of energy must be allowed by state law, without subjecting Basin, East River, the Cooperative or the member to additional regulation and/or obligation.


J.Each member/owner/operator shall execute a Distributed Generation Interconnection and Small Renewable Energy Power Purchase Agreement with the Cooperative. 


1.The agreement shall include a description of the distributed generation facility, a one line diagram of the point of interconnection and the small renewable energy purchase rate.


2.The agreement shall incorporate the Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers (IEEE) standards 1547 and 1547.1, appropriate electric power system disconnect facilities, as determined by the Cooperative, which shall include a lockable disconnect and a visible open that are accessible to and operable by authorized personnel at all times.


3.The agreement shall provide for Cooperative access to the distributed generation facility during normal business hours and all emergency situations.


4.The agreement shall require the member/owner/operator to maintain appropriate liability insurance for distributed generation resource facilities that are interconnected to the Cooperative’s electric system and be responsible for compliance with all national, State, local government and electric utility standards for the safety of the public and personnel responsible for Cooperative power system operations, maintenance and repair.


5.The agreement shall hold the member/owner/operator responsible for the safe and effective operation and maintenance of the distributed generation facilities, as determined by the Cooperative.


K. A wiring certificate must be provided to the Cooperative before the interconnection of the distributed generation facilities will be allowed.  In addition, the member/owner/operator must install a double throw disconnect switch and make it available to Cooperative personnel in case of an emergency.


L. This policy shall be reviewed at least every five (5) years.




The General Manager is responsible for administering this policy and for recommending to the Board any changes deemed desirable.


EFFECTIVE DATE:   March 23, 2017


DATE ADOPTED:     September 29, 2009

DATE REVISED:       June 22, 2011

DATE REVIEWED:   April 18, 2013

DATE REVIEWED:   October 30, 2014

DATE REVISED:       March 23, 2017


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Chris Hofer, Secretary