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803 - Marketing Program

I.          OBJECTIVE


To establish methods and guidelines for the promotion of new electric loads that will improve the Cooperative's load factor and to encourage the wise use of electric energy by the member-consumers.


II.         CONTENT


A.The Cooperative shall utilize and supplement the marketing incentives established by East River to provide financial assistance to the Cooperative's member-consumers in the form of rebates and/or low-interest loans for the purchase and installation of new electric equipment.


B.Marketing incentives available to the member-consumers shall be aggressively promoted among the membership to maximize the number of new electric loads and the use of energy efficient equipment.


C.Qualifications and Procedures


1.New installations shall be inspected by a representative of the Cooperative to verify that the electric equipment meets the established minimum standards, that prudent care has been exercised in the installation and that the equipment is intended for use by the member-consumer at a location served by the Cooperative.


2.Low-interest loans shall be available to qualified member-consumers for the installation of new electric equipment, for upgrading the existing electric service entrance in conjunction with the installation of new equipment and for eligible large commercial and industrial installations.  See the Cooperative’s Member Loans policy.


3.The member-consumer shall sign any applicable agreements and waivers before any rebates and/or low-interest loans are made available.


4.The amount of rebates and/or low-interest loans shall not exceed the member-consumer's actual out-of-pocket cost.


D.Water Heaters-Rebates and Incentives


1.The Cooperative shall offer East River rebates to its member-consumers on a "flow-through" basis.  The Cooperative shall provide a per gallon rebate for ‘lifetime’ warranty or 10-year warranty water heaters with a volume of 50 gallons or more. The amount of the Cooperative’s per gallon rebate shall be approved by the Board of Directors.  Electric water heaters qualifying for rebate payments shall meet all of the following stipulations:


a.   The water heater shall be connected to the East River Load Management System with an approved, operational load management receiver/controller.


b.   The water heater shall be a storage type water heater.


c.   The water heater shall be a new water heater, which has an energy efficiency rating certified by GAMA.


d.   Rebates shall not apply for electric water heaters replaced while under the manufacturer's warranty.


e.   Rebates shall be limited to the actual cost of the water heater, excluding installation costs.


E.Electric Equipment-Rebates and Incentives


1.The Cooperative shall offer East River rebates and low-interest loans to its member-consumers on a "flow-through" basis.


2.To qualify for rebates and incentives, heat pump installations must meet all East River requirements.


3.Special rates may be available for various loads depending on the type of electric equipment being utilized and whether or not those loads are subject to load control.  All special rates will be incorporated into rate schedules and will be subject to the approval of the Board of Directors.




The General Manager shall be responsible for administering this policy and for recommending to the Board any changes deemed desirable.


EFFECTIVE DATE:   April 20, 2017


DATE ADOPTED:     April 19, 2001

DATE REVISED:       March 21, 2002

DATE REVISED:       January 22, 2009

DATE REVISED:       December 20, 2012

DATE REVIEWED:   June 19, 2014

DATE REVISED:       November 19, 2015

DATE REVISED:       April 20, 2017


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Chris Hofer, Secretary