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805 - Donations & Contributions


I.          OBJECTIVE


A.To establish guidelines for donations and contributions which are consistent with the mission and priorities of the Cooperative and provide the greatest good for our communities and members.


B.To ensure fair and reasonable consideration of requests for financial and/or in-kind assistance from by the Cooperative.


II.         CONTENT


A.    Requests for donations and contributions in excess of $250.00 shall be submitted in writing, preferably on a form provided by the Cooperative, and presented to the Board for consideration at their next regular meeting.


B.    Requests for donations and contributions of $250.00 or less shall be subject to the discretion of management, however, discretionary donations and contributions shall be limited to $2,500.00 per year.


C.    A list of donations and contributions shall be presented to the Board annually and in conjunction with the budgeting process.


D.    All donations and contributions shall:


1.Directly or indirectly benefit all or a portion of the Cooperative membership.


2.Improve the community’s perception of the Cooperative as being a good community member.


3.Be generally targeted toward the following types of organizations/services:


a.Community Service and Economic Development – Programs and organizations which are important components of a community’s overall quality of life, with emphasis on public safety, community service, economic development and the cultural environment.


b.Environmental – Programs that promote environmental stewardship.


c.Education – Programs that reflect the Cooperative’s business and membership interests.


d.Non-Profits – Charitable organizations such as United Way, March of Dimes, Make-A-Wish or Special Olympics located within the Cooperative’s service area.


E.     When considering requests for donations and contributions, both financial and in-kind, the following principles shall serve as a guide to determine the Cooperative’s level of support.


1.The Cooperative’s participation can be accommodated within the budgeted and available resources.


2.The cause provides benefits within the geographical area, community or development area served by the Cooperative and will therefore provide benefits to the Cooperative and it members.


3.The group or organization requesting assistance is a not-for-profit.


4.The cause will enhance the Cooperative’s value in the community.


F.     A cause that includes a publication including the promotion of the Cooperative name or logo may be considered advertising rather than a donation and contribution.  Items of this nature would include community billboards, public safety, quality of life, handouts and county fair promotional materials.


G.    In-kind donations and contributions for community, school or charitable organizations in the form of labor and/or authorized equipment use shall be authorized by the General Manager or a member of the management staff.


H.    In an effort to promote fairness, the Cooperative may make unsolicited donations and contributions, not to exceed $100.00 each, to the high schools and volunteer fire departments from the service area on an annual basis.  The high schools receiving electric service from the Cooperative shall be eligible for donations and contributions at a higher level than the other schools.


I.       Donations and contributions in the memory of a deceased individual that had an affiliation, affinity or other known connection with the Cooperative may be authorized by the General Manager or a member of the management staff.  Memorials shall not exceed $100.00 each.


J.      The Cooperative shall not approve any request for donations and contributions for individuals, political campaigns, religious organizations or groups that discriminate on the basis of age, race, sex or national origin or that do not advance the public purpose of the Cooperative.




The General Manager is responsible for administering this policy and for recommending to the Board any changes deemed desirable.


EFFECTIVE DATE:   April 20, 2017


DATE ADOPTED:     April 19, 2001

DATE REVISED:       July 19, 2007

DATE REVIEWED:   May 23, 2013

DATE REVIEWED:   July 31, 2014

DATE REVISED:       April 20, 2017



Chris Hofer, Secretary