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Payment Options

We strive to make payments simple and hassle free for you by offering several payment options.

Southeastern Electric accepts cash, checks, credit cards and money orders as a method of payment. Your payment must reach one of our offices by the 17th of each month to avoid a minimum $5.00 penalty.  For your security we DO NOT accept credit card payments at any of our offices. You must call the automated payment line at 844-961-2524 and have your account number ready and follow the instructions.

Manage Your Account Online

Online Bill Payment

If you would like to pay your electric bill online or if you would like to see previous month usages, charges and daily usage, you can see all of this by signing up for Smart Hub. SmartHub is Southeastern’s free online bill payment system that also allows you to monitor your daily energy usage.

  • 24-hour access to account or accounts.
  • E-mail notification when a new electric bill is generated.
  • Pay electronically using a credit or debit card or auto pay.
  • Current and historical billing and payment information.
  • Outlines every usage in graphs.
  • Free app for your smartphone or tablet.
  • Enroll in paperless billing.
  • Lets those with multiple accounts pay with a single payment.


With Smart Hub, you can utilize all of the following:

  • Update and View Account Information
  • Make a payment or enroll in recurring payments
  • View current and previous energy usage and charges
  • Update payment information
  • View or print electric bills
  • Receive a monthly email when your bill is ready

Sign up for Smart Hub today!

Drop Off

You can drop your payments off at any of our office locations.

Pay by Phone

If you would like to pay by phone, you can call our secure automated 24-hour payment line at 844-961-2524. Have your account number ready and follow the instructions. This automated payment option is a secure phone line to ensure our members the highest level of security when paying their bills and is in compliance with the credit card use standards.

Not only for your security but for our Cooperative to be PCI compliant (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard); credit card payment procedures have changed. Two major changes took place beginning October 2014. Changes to be noted are as follows:

  • Members will no longer speak to one of our representatives when paying by phone. You will now be directed to our automated system.
  • Southeastern Electric Cooperative will no longer accept credit card payments onsite. You will now be directed to our automated system.

Auto Pay

Eliminate the stress of sending in your monthly electric co-op payment by having it paid automatically from your checking, savings, or credit card.

For an easy way to pay your bill each month, sign up to have your payment automatically deducted from your bank account or credit card. To sign up sign in to Smart Hub. Under the Billing & Payments tab you will find the link to the Auto Pay Program. If you do not already have a Smart Hub account simply sign up as a new user with your account number and a valid email address. (Southeastern Electric requires 48 hours notice to stop payment from an auto pay account.)

Mailing Payments

Please mail your payment to Southeastern Electric Cooperative, Inc., PO Box 5043, Sioux Falls, SD 57117 in the envelope provided with your bill. Please allow enough time to ensure your payment reaches our office by the 17th to avoid a late fee. We do not use post mark dates.

How To Read My Bill

To Read your new bill, follow the numbers for a guide to your new billing format. On the reverse side of the bill, find Southeastern Electric Cooperative phone numbers and payment options.

an example of the statement form from Southeastern Electric Cooperative
  1. Your Southeastern Electric Cooperative Account Number.
  2. Service Summary shows all charges for your account.
  3. Message Center.
  4. Meter location and meter reading information.
  5. This chart compares your monthly and daily usage to the same time last year.
  6. Current charges for electric use.
  7. Southeastern Electric Cooperative appreciates hearing from you.
  8. Account number and amount due. Return stub with your payment.

Levelized Billing

Take the seasonal peaks and valleys out of your electric bills.

Levelized billing is a program that offers members to pay a fixed billing amount each month and evenly spread the cost of electricity throughout the year. The dollar amount is calculated based on your average usage for the last 12 months. Note: You must have 12 full months of billing history before you are eligible for this program.

In August of each year, the levelized billing amount is evaluated according to your actual usage. The monthly amount may increase, decrease or remain the same. You will be notified of any change by letter.

You may request to be removed from the levelized billing plan at any time, but you will be responsible for the bill in full at that time. A waiting period of one year is required before a member may re-enroll in levelized billing, after electing to be removed from the program. Once you have signed up for the levelized billing plan, you must keep your account current in order to stay on the plan. If you become delinquent, you will go back to the regular method of billing.

Interested in Levelized Billing?

Contact us here or call 1-800-333-2859 or stop in one of our offices to find out more.

Prepay Meter/Billing

Prepaid metering is a pay as you go electic service. You pay in advance for the electricity you will be using. This service is entirely optional.

Prepaid Metering FAQ's

What is prepaid metering?

Prepaid metering is a pay as you go electric service. You pay in advance for the electricity you will be using.

How can I check my prepaid balance and make payments?
  • Online on our website, and clicking Smart Hub.
  • Free app available to IOS and Android devices.
  • Calling any office toll free at 1-800-333-2859.
  • Visiting any office at Sioux Falls, Marion, Viborg, Alcester or Salem.
Are low balance notifications sent?

Yes, once you reach a credit balance of -$25.00 or below you are notified by email, text or phone.

How often do I need to make payments?

That is up to you. Payments may be made daily, weekly or monthly, just so a credit balance is maintained.


Am I subject to late fees?



What if I don't receive notification?

You are responsible for notifying SEC of any changes to contact information and for checking your prepaid balance.

What happens when my credit is $0 or below?
  • Power will be disconnected once your account no longer has a credit.
  • Disconnects will be immediate and without further notification.
  • Inclement weather does not prevent disconnection.
If I am disconnected how can I get reconnected?

Payment will need to be made, and a minimum of a $25.00 credit balance is required before reconnect will occur.

Are there any fees to reconnect if I am disconnected due to non-payment?

No reconnect fees are associated with the prepaid program.

Does SEC have a separate rate for Prepaid?

No, the billing rate is the same as the standard rate.

How are prepaid members billed?
  • Prepaid is billed and updated daily at 9:30am
  • You will not receive a monthly billing statement.
What is the cost to start prepaid?

$50.00 minimum to start prepaid OR if the member has an outstanding balance going to a prepaid payment arrangement for the amount will be calculated at start date.

What if I receive a payment guarantee for energy assistance?

Payments will be applied once received by SEC. Assistance pledges will not be accepted to keep the service active.

Can I choose to be moved to standard billing at any time?

Yes, SEC will require full payment and will require a deposit (based on your credit) as a condition of continued service.

Interested in the Prepay Program?

 Contact us here or call 1-800-333-2859. Or you can click here to sign the Prepaid Service Agreement and send into one of our offices.


Call us toll-free at 1.800.333.2859 or fill out the form below.

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